Sofra Tec Is Going Places

Sofra Tec is creating a new experience for it’s visitors. Whenever I am googling for something, I feel my gut tightening as I fear that I will get another ad loaded and crappy website. It’s not so much that I want to feel that way, or that I can’t click back.

What really gets to me is the realization that this is what the world is turning into. Everywhere you go, there is someone trying to influence you and spend your money. When I turn on the tv to relax after a hard day of laying bricks and taking shit from my boss, I get a full dose of mind numbing commercials every 15 minutes. Unless I finally get to watch the football team that I stuck with through playoffs and bankruptcy. Then I get brain washed every 5 minutes.

Anyway, I will stop my ranting here and just start building some great content.

See you soon.